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Question Minute Menu - IL

I'm looking into the Minute Menu & Food programs to see if it's something that would interest me, based on all the glowing recommendations from users on this forum. =)

I started looking into it, but could use some advice. What makes this program worth $70/year. Is it basically the food program reimbursement? OR, is it equally great for keeping track of tax forms/deductions.

It also appears there's a threshold of family income that separates a tier 1 from a tier 2 reimbursement. It seems like a lot of work, for little gain if you fall in the tier 2 bracket (again, I researched briefly). Any information you could offer would be great!

Also, I tried to sign up for the 30 day trial, but it seems it's downloadable for pc's and not mac's. Does anyone have this program with a mac computer? I can go through customer service, but was just curious...
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