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This is one reason why the majority of providers on here do not accept friends as daycare clients. You are already overinvolved with the family and it is so much harder to address issue with a parent when you also have the friendship at stake. I would stay consistent on the daycare rules, decide on a probationary period and then after that period is over, decide if you want to continue working with this family or not. You cannot change what this mother is doing at home so the only option is to stop thinking about that and focus on the kids behavior at daycare. They are old enough to understand that things are different at your house. As for your son, he WILL be influenced by every kid coming thru your front door. Its part of the risk when you open your home as a daycare. Its up to you where you draw the line on rules and behavior. No matter what, I would highly recommend you not take any more friends as clients and that you stop thinking about a family's parenting style. As long as there is no abuse or neglect, its really none of your business and not something you are going to change. You may be able to influence a parent over time but I don't think you would be able to change anything in this case. Good luck
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