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Originally Posted by care4kids12 View Post
Hi everyone!
I currently have two siblings who attend my care. One is full time, and the other only comes two days a week ( I charge a part-time fee) However, the sibling that attends full time recently got sick and has been out so far this week. The mom asked me if the sibling that attends PT can come in the place of the other (at no extra cost).

Im not sure if its me but it seems a bit abusive to me. If it were two children who were not related this wouldn't apply. In addition if this ever happens again it would mean that their mom thinks its okay to bring the other sibling without extra costs.

I forgot to mention that in my policy , the weekly fee is due regardless of attendance.

what do you think I should do?
Nope! I don't know a daycare that would allow that.parents have some nerve huh.
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