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I am having the same issue. 99% of my kids USED to come from Craigslist... But I've had my ad up for a month and not one call or email. I decided to make a Facebook page for my daycare. I would ask friends to share, and ask them to ask their friends to share. I would share it on group pages for my local area, like local yard sale groups and such. Still no kids, BUT I've had one person interested that was local. I had one FT dcb just leave (told me 3 months ago they weren't leaving until he started kindergarten in 9/14) to go to a fancy preschool and then just found out my other FT dcf with TWO KIDS is moving! They gave 1 months notice. My third family of 2 dcks is expecting a baby next week... The baby will take the spot of their older son who will be off to kindergarten... But now mom is saying she may not send them much while she's home on maternity leave bc there aren't any other kids.... And I am worried she will just pull them and then try to bring them back in Sept.... Even tho there is no guarantee she will have 2 spots, she knows I have plenty of room and she may just take a chance... Which means NO KIDS ALL SUMMER, not good. Not at all. I am the sole provider for my family (single mom)..l I really need clients! If you can, please say a prayer for my family.. This is bad.
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