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Originally Posted by Josiegirl View Post
But what's to stop an irate offended parent from twisting words around to make it look like you were discriminating against them? They can simply cause you whole lots of trouble just because you refused to take their child and made them mad, without any truth to their words.
And from things we read on this forum sometimes, we know there are people crazy enough to do anything to make our lives miserable because well, they're crazy, and feel entitled.
Nothing would stop an offended parent but just because they use the word discrimination does not mean it is.

If they accuse you of discrimination, they need to be able to prove it.

You are correct in saying, ANY one at any time can say whatever they want and it might cause issues for the provider but we can't be fearful of that happening or we probably shouldn't be in business. kwim?

My comments to the poster in regards to discrimination were in reference to her stating that providers need to say or do X or Y or they'll have a discrimination charge to answer too. I don't like that type of fear mongering to providers.

It's bad enough that providers feel parents have a hold over them financially etc at times that it's not acceptable for someone to advise a provider to do something based on false or misleading information.

If a provider is truly worried about discrimination, I suggest they educate themselves on what is and isn't discrimination. Knowledge IS power and when you (general you...provider) know and understand what qualifies as discrimination it's easy to eliminate that fear/stress.
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