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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
In Canada (Ontario), the law says a child must be offered a rest period, but does not have to sleep, and that sleep/rest/quiet time should be afforded the child based on need. Every child is different.

(2) Every licensee shall ensure that the program in each child care centre it operates is arranged so that,

(a) each child in a licensed toddler or preschool group who receives child care for six hours or more in a day has a rest period not exceeding two hours in length; and

(b) a child in a licensed toddler, preschool or kindergarten group is permitted to sleep, rest or engage in quiet activities based on the child’s needs.
I didn't say the child is required to sleep here. I was agreeing with a previous poster who stated a quiet rest time was offered, and children who didn't fall asleep were offered quiet activities.
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