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Oh for the love of pete!!! Using sign language does NOT interfere with their ability to learn to speak, and if she does have speech delays then it will HELP her learn to communicate. There is TONS of research supporting the use of sign language in early childhood environments with both neurotypical children and those with delays and research that I know of that suggests that it it not okay. Even children who speak and are developing normally benefit from learning sign at a young age--it gives them the tools they need to communicate before they are physically able to.

You can't FORCE a child to speak who isn't ready to, and you can do more harm than good by trying! When you teach a sign, you speak the word and make the sign at the same time and therefore are presenting both simultaneously--it in no way interferes with talking to the child or teaching them the spoken words for things. Signing is STILL communicating, and that's what's important at this stage.

Sorry, I don't believe that it should be used in this case. I think the parents need to step up and help her learn to talk. There is no excuse for a 2 yr old not at least saying more words then she is saying. I know each child is different and learns at a different pace, but my gosh, help her to speak, not use sign language. If she has a development problem that is different, but it doesn't sound like she does.
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