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Originally Posted by andpoe View Post

I have been in business since May 2012 and I have many great moments as well as many great struggles since opening my doors. I have always wanted to be a childcare provider and to be a business owner. I worked for the Federal government for 27 years and saved my money to be able to convert a portion of my home into a Childcare/Early Learning Program. I left a high paying position (100k) because it was stressful and I was babysitting adults all day - I was burnt out and it was time to go. I have no regrets and would have probably have open my childcare doors years ago if I wasn't so afraid of the drop in salary - surprisingly I have been able to pay bills and save a bit on my childcare income (but this will be the first year that I have to do taxes for my business and I can bet my savings will go to the IRS) . Business has been good and consistent but I struggle with the parents and the unrealistic expectations that they bring to my door. All in all I am happy and so are my kids and that's all that matters...
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