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Hello everyone I hope I am doing this in the right place! I live in Washington State about 30 minutes north of Seattle. I have a licensed family childcare in my home. I have been licensed for almost 20 years. I ran a large center before that. I have been plugging away at my degree for years and I am excited that at Christmas I will have my Associates degree and am going to continue on to my Bachelors. It is nice several community colleges in my area are offering Bachelors in ECE on our schedule which is so helpful! WA state has a program called Early Achievers that rates home daycare centers on a scale of 1-4. It is s very very very detailed process to get rated. I am ser to be rated probably in the cohort in the Winter.
I fiund this while prowling for ideas others used for acessments. Wow where has then been all my life?
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