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I'll tell what makes it my business.....i have to pay taxes on my earnings. This daycare providers income is hers!!!!!!!!!! She drives a new car (a charger). I guess it pays well. That along with all the welfare she qualifies for because her income is not reported.....yeah, it makes me mad as hell!!!!!!!!!!

I do daycare in my home. I only watch 2 to 3 children besides my own. I give out my SS number so that the parents are able to get the tax credit. After all the deductions I am in the negative. Then the loss from my daycare deducts from my husbands business. Sense I run at a loss, I'd rather not report it. But I want my families to get the tax deductions coming to them. Every thing is one the up and up, but hate that our tax file is essentially a red flag for an audit.

When I use to bring my daughter to daycare the daycare lady wouldn't take any deductions because she wanted to get more money from the Earned Income Credit.
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