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Seashell, you're right, those are ridiculous rules. Maybe where Chickenhauler's at, licensing is a little more reasonable. I know here they seem to have a bit more common sense and to me, it made more sense to get licensed. As we've seen in a million posts before, licensing varies from place to place....

I personally like the idea of being licensed. I like being regulated. I'm a very rule oriented person, a little crazy maybe, but I like to have specific guidelines to operate by and to be checked up on, just to have that "Ok, for sure I'm doing alright" .... My daycare parents don't seem to care either way, it's more just for my own knowledge.

Everyone's different. I agree with you that we all have to agree to disagree. What works for me may not work for you.

And just another point... Whereas a lot of you have common sense in terms of regulations and will naturally do what is right and makes sense, a lot of others don't, and that's why I DO very much agree with licensing
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