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Wow, all of this opinion flying around just because someone inquired about a license for babysitting/daycare. I personally think that it should be a parent's choice. It is all about trusting someone with your children's life. I had babysitting issues and it ended up all boiling down to if I trusted them...and I mean truly felt in my gut trust and I was very fortunate to have found that care. I have been considering opening up child care services mainly because I am tired of seeing single moms (I am not one) trying to find good reliable child care and not have to worry about being raped of what money they do earn spending it on the care of their children. What is the purpose of working if you are only working to pay for child care, just stay home and do it yourself because truthfully it would be cheaper. I am a fortunate enough person to be allowed to make this option of a specific type of child care. Hats off to those who are licensed and have a piece of paper to show people they are doing it all by the books, and hats off to those who provide great child care without the paper saying you have enough common sense to provide great child care and it shows every time that child begs to stay and it can be seen in the home.
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