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Any one that is UNLICENSED is UNLICENSED for a reason -- they do not follow the rules otherwise they would see to it to be LICENSED even if it was not required for the number of children they keep. People that babysit inside their homes are usually uneducated to begin with-- or they would set up a proper business.
I find this statement highly offensive. I have a bachelors degree in social work. I follow all state laws that a licensed facility fallows , including but not limited to, number of children, meal plans, CPR and first aid certified, report income, give end-of-the-year statements, etc. I run my home daycare just like a business in all aspects and I have several years experience working with children from before I even started my own business. Whoever wrote this is either uneducated or doesn't understand that there are many reasons people go into this business. Yes, there are always some people who will fit your description, but to lump EVERYONE into that category is rude and misleading.
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