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I find this statement highly offensive. I have a bachelors degree in social work. I follow all state laws that a licensed facility fallows , including but not limited to, number of children, meal plans, CPR and first aid certified, report income, give end-of-the-year statements, etc. I run my home daycare just like a business in all aspects and I have several years experience working with children from before I even started my own business. Whoever wrote this is either uneducated or doesn't understand that there are many reasons people go into this business. Yes, there are always some people who will fit your description, but to lump EVERYONE into that category is rude and misleading.
Agreed! I take my kids to an unlicensed person. First of all, daycare centers and licensed homes charge too much. Can't afford it. Second, the daycare centers I visited always seem to have the kids sleep long hours in the day or not to ensure my kids are eating appropriately or using the bathroom appropriately.

This lady cooks, cleans, makes sure my kids eat all their food, use the toilet on time to avoid constipation and UTI's, plays with them, has activities for them, and loves them. She only doesn't have a license because she doesn't want to have to be obligated to give medicines that she doesn't agree with (i.e. tylenol, cold medicines) but at the same time wants to be able to give medications in an emergency without all the "forms" (i.e. Epi pen or inhalers, etc). Bottom line? She's who is best for us and I respect her much more than the schools who would let a child die or suffer because of some stupid form (think: kid who got suspended for giving a friend his inhaler to save his life during an asthma attack or the teacher who got in trouble for administering another student's epi pen JR when she couldn't find the boy's rx she KNEW was on file (ALL SAME DOSES BTW) and saved HIS life.). Yeah, I'll go with the UNLICENSED one. And her home is just as safe, btw, so some people are pretty judgmental just because they just don't know what real life is like.
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