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Originally Posted by Greenplasticwateringcans View Post
I'm stunned licensing is so cheap in some places. I currently run a legal unlicensed daycare and am working on my license. It's going to cost at least $5000!
$45 for the application
$350 for a child Ed program
$50 for the application to register with the city
$50 for the fire inspection
$150 for 1st aid (almost expired)
$500 for flooring to bring up to licensing code
At least $2000 for the back yard to bring up to licensing code. Pea rock and concrete paths taken out
$400 to create fireplace barriers
$200 for permanent indoor gates
Thousands in supplies (second hand)

If I only had to pay $200 I would have done it years ago.

OMG hun, where do you live? That is so much. NY is free for all that and im surprice because NY is one of the highest states to live in. But all they wanted was 25 bucks!!!!!! If I had to pay all that I would not . I can see you of course spending money if your home is not up to code but for the inspection, application, and so forth. Im shocked
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