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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
"People need to mind there business. If she is not bothering you, then why are you worried. Let that woman make her money. If she was abusing or neglecting the children, nobody would have anything to say. That's what is wrong with the world today, people report the wrong things."

First of all, get yourself a's THEIR not THERE. Further, unlicensed daycare cast a pall upon all the good care providers out there that follow the law. What's wrong with the world is people like you that think only certain laws and statutes are important. Operating an unlicensed day care is the equivalent of operating a restaurant without the proper safety and cleanliness guidelines. If the woman wants to "make her money" then let her comply with the same statutes and laws that licensed day care facilities must abide by.

Just to clarify ... Just because you do not have a license to provide childcare does not mean that you are not a good care provider nor does it mean that they do not follow the same safety and cleanliness requirements that someone licensed does.

In fact I am a mother of three and provide unlicensed childcare in my home. My home is always very clean (not just for the children I care for but for my own family as well). I provide the best care for the children I care for the same as if they were my own children.

To be honest with you ... I think some of them receive better care when they are in my home than they do when they are sent home with their parents.

Being "licensed" does not in anyway make you a better provider than someone that is not licensed.

As long as we follow the guidelines in our state for an unlicensed provider then no one should have a thing to say about it because honestly ... as long as we are following all guidelines that we are suppose to as far as our state goes its really none of anyone else's business.
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