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Default Licensing Isn't Always Easy

I live in Colorado which must be one of the toughest states to run a daycare.

I can't run a home daycare since my house is too small.. but Colorado law states that the provider must reside in the home of the daycare.

So maybe I could rent a place and open a center... Nope, and a center must have a daycare director and since I don't have a bachelor's degree I would need to take the required courses AND put in nearly 4,000 hours of child care in some facilities.

How am I supposed to spend that much time in child care when I work full time? And that's even assuming I could land a job in this economy with no college education

Right now I have a stable and good paying job as an account manager for an insurance company... It's just my dream to open a daycare and be my own boss.

Unlicensed?? No go. Colorado law only allows 2 children from THE SAME FAMILY! I

I mean, I really, really I love children but I have to make some money somehow.
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