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My handbook states: (I have attached the link to the thread where my illness policy is posted. Parents must read, sign/date and return to me)

We are a "well child" day care facility. This means that the occasional mild cough or cold is not grounds for exclusion, however if your child experiences
any of the following; unexplained fever (100 F or higher), diarrhea, and/or vomiting at ANY time 24 hours prior to attendance, they will not be allowed to attend child care.

If your child develops these symptoms during the day, you will be notified and expected to pick up your child within 30 minutes. Please leave names and numbers of responsible relatives and/or friends that can pick your child up if you cannot be reached. In the event that a parent is unreachable or does not respond within 30 minutes after being contacted, emergency contacts will be called beginning with the first person listed.

Keep in mind that when your child becomes ill at child care they cannot return until they have been symptom free (without the use of any OTC medications) for a FULL 48 hours. We have children in care with sensitive immune systems and cannot tolerate exposure to illnesses.

Please use your best discretion when deciding whether or not to send your child to care. We are very active during the day. If your child is unable to participate in normal daily activities or requires more care and attention than the provider is able to give, they should not attend.

Do not mask a fever/illness with an OTC medication before dropping off. This puts ALL children in care at risk. If you suspect your child is ill, please keep them home. A day of rest can sometimes prevent having to be absent for a longer period of time. Please remember the 24/48 hour rule.

Sending your child while they are not feeling well is not only unfair to your child, but to the provider and the other children in attendance.
You will be notified if your child comes in contact with any contagious illnesses, such as strep-throat, pink-eye, head lice, and/or chicken pox.
In certain situations, a medical form must be obtained before your child can be re-admitted into care. These forms require a written diagnosis from the child's physician and must state the following information:
  • the diagnosis
  • the treatment
  • length of recommended exclusion

Re-admission to child care will be at MY discretion ONLY. Please do not assume the doctor can give permission for re-admittance.

There are times when a child may be excluded due to the required amount of care he/she needs when experiencing a common cold or illness. For example, a cough that is disruptive to normal daily activities, when a child is unable to cover his/her mouth while coughing or when the amount of nasal discharge or fluid becomes unmanageable for the provider to continue maintaining a sanitary environment. This will occur at my discretion and will be handled on an individual basis.
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