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Originally Posted by MommyofThree View Post
I really dont understand why most pepople here says it cost alot to become license. I just became group with 16 children and I paied 110 for cpr/first aid and 25 buck for rcs form. Thats it. Inspections are free the actual license is free. In what states cost so much. Im in NY.
Sometimes it is not just the cost for certifications - I have done those previously & have no issues keeping certifications up-to-date. I live in a state where licensing is not required. I choose not to become licensed for a couple of reasons. #1 - I never intend to care for more than 2-3 children at a time, #2 - I really don't want a separate agency/group/gov't coming into my own home & telling me how to run my business, I figure if the parents I provide care for are happy with my home & me that is what matters & #3 - If I did choose to be licensed they would likely tell me to make many costly updates to my home - we have a HUGE backyard (over 3/4ths of an acre) which is almsot unheard of to be in city limits where I live. Licensing would cerainly require me to fence it in & I am sure they would require many more updates on our well-kept (but older, circa 1940s home). We simply do not have thousands of dollars sitting around to fence in our yard among other updates. Those are the reasons why I operate a small in-home legally unlicensed childcare (& I do possess a 4-year-college degree & report my income!).
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