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And ya know that is your right as a parent to prefer a licensed daycare provider. However, it is not state law that i be licensed if i only keep certin amount of children.So I'm not breaking the law! Also what makes you think that unlicensed daycare providers donn't claim there income? I pay my taxes just like everyone else. And another thing, you don't have to "licensed" to take child care courses! I am certified CPR (Adult, infant and child) and i also have 15 years of education all related to my career. All paid for out of my pocket! I have excellent references and a clean background. Oh ya, and i did nanny for 5 years for a family. I'm sorry but just because i don't hold that LICENSE doesn't mean that I am uneducated or a bad daycare provider. FYI: i haven't had to advertise for 5 years now, i operate on word of mouth and i also have a 6 month waiting list. Hows that for UNLICENSED.
So ...why exactly are you not licensed?
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