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Wink Operating an Unlicensed Daycare

If you don't have a reason to complain then by all means, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! As a grandmother raising my 2 year old grand daughter, I put my grand daughter in a licensed daycare only to have to pull her out because of unsafe and unclean practices. Then I found a woman who runs an unlicensed daycare out of her home and she is great. My grand daughter has to have speech therapy once a week and "Janet" is great about allowing the therapist to come to her home. Plus she works with my grand daughter on words and signs that the therapist teaches her. She is a Mom who got fed up with working and having her children in the licensed daycare environment because they wouldn't work with her son's allergies. If there is abuse going on, or you believe it is an unsafe or unhealthy environment then call the authorities. As a city inspector, I can tell you that neighbors just love to butt in when they don't need to and tattle on each other. As someone said in one of the comments, when abuse really is going on, no one wants to get involved.
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