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Originally Posted by MamaMightSnap View Post
I posted this question before I was registered under this username. I am the OP

The center has been very open about the grant and the changes it would bring to the center. However, I have a family member at the center. More specifically the director, who informed me of the private pay vs subsidy situation. This information is very true. This is in Oklahoma.

I have no problem approaching the situation, I am simply seeking opinions to determine if I may be blowing this out of proportion.
Personally, I DO feel it's something complaint worthy.... at ANY level that will listen. Feedback is any consumers biggest advocate.

Originally Posted by rosieteddy View Post
I would be livid! I can not believe this is legal.......Segregation of any kind should not be tolerated.The school should have all the children grouped as licencing says.I know many schools have infants up to age 15 months .Then they move on...I can not imagine this is legal.That would be like having school children who receive free or discounted lunch not only sitting separately but getting different meals.I hope its not legal. If I were you I would absolutely talk to the Directer.If you do not get the answers I would call licencing.Good luck.
Originally Posted by Play Care View Post
Now, if I were to have top of the line supplies and ONLY allow my private pay clients children access, but kept the state pay kids in a different room with old toys, etc. I would get in big trouble.

I find this alarming.
See, now I've come across many different types of discrimination but it always seems that ANY TIME the action benefits the less fortunate, it's not defined as discrimination.

There are certain "requirements" I must give families in my care that are receiving subsidy but do not have to extend the same to those that do not receive subsidy.

Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
The grant is per room. The room is for subsidy aka "at risk" children.

The supplies are FOR those children specifically. With required supplies lists.

You will have to complain at a federal level for this. I know we have been.
I've gotten many grants/perks etc from federal programs but I've never had one, nor heard of one that was so blatantly discriminating.
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