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Originally Posted by LittleScholars View Post
Ohhh. GREAT insight!! Do you think if they had been strictly used for sitting they would have survived? I'd just be using these for reading purposes. It sounds like a quality issue rather than a use issue.
My group who had access to them last year were all 12 months and younger. These were not tears from legos or unit blocks. Just daily wear with infant and toddler toys. All wooden toys are in another center.

When they rolled around in the tunnels and pushed against the sides with their socked feet the velcro stips pulled and tore the seams. When they jumped down from the top the blocks would rock from the velcro footing and the connective sheeting would pull apart. A couple of places on the seats were from bites and picking at seams, but mostly just from board books and baby dolls as they were climbing up and down on them.
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