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Default Curious on Your Thoughts About Illness

So I asked a few weeks ago about sisters that has mollescum and now younger sibling has HFM. These girls are always sick with major illnesses. This past winter the younger one also had scarlet fever. They have shared parenting between mom and dad and are only part time. I’m extremely diligent on my illness policy and obviously they can get sick anywhere but they are usually culprits if where most my illnesses begin. Or they show symptoms first. I feel like their other sitter may not have an illness policy or is as strict so things are brought from that daycare to here. Is that naive or incorrect in thinking this way? I’m not lying when I say that every time a have a “ick” going around is 90% of the time starts with them. Do you ladies keep children that go back n forth to separate daycares? Should I even care as long as I exclude and move on? I hate hate hate exposing everyone to this stuff along with my own children. I guess I’m just annoyed. Your thoughts?
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