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Default Child Got Injured At My Daycare

Hello i need help. A few weeks ago a child was injured will playing at my daycare. This is what happened: The kids were playing around and were getting a little to rowdy so the teacher asked them to stop and play a little less roughly. While this was going on one of the other teachers was changing a infant in the other room. The infant was crying non stop while the teacher was changing him so the other teacher went in to get his pacifier leaving the kids alone for less than two seconds in the other room. Two seconds later the little girl comes in crying saying her sister jumped on her and hurt her arm.

The teachers checked her arm and it seemed ok, we told the director and the mom what happened. It all seemed like a minor accident. A day passes and the mom is complaining that the little girl is not using her hand properly. So she takes her to the ER and to our shock she has a hairline fracture in her hand. This is when all hell brakes loose. Now the mom wants compensation, the sister is saying that the other girl jumped on the little girls arm while the teacher watched and basically the mom is blaming the daycare when it was her daughter who accidentally hurt the little girl. The older girl is scared of her and is lying about the incident. What can and should we do? This mom is not reasonable.. The director even tried settling this whole thing with some compensation but she doesn't seem satisfied.
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