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It sounds like the Mom has a pretty good case. Leaving a group of kids unattended to get a pacifier for a crying infant is going to be a problem with the Licensors.

It's okay for babies to scream bloody murder during diaper changes. It doesn't require a third party to intercede to get the baby to stop. The Staff member should have just stayed with the kids and supervised them. Five minutes of crying would have been way better than a broken bone.

It's going to be a tough one to sell to the Licensors. They are used to stories where the staff was doing the "best interest" for one child and then another child got hurt. To them, the only part of this story that could ring true was that the kids WERE left unattended. Doesn't matter how long and why.

They are also going to investigate to see if indeed a small child could step on and break the hand bones of another small child. They are going to want to find out if the child who was accused of doing it had hard shoes on and what position the child was that was harmed. It's going to be a HARD sell to get them to believe the story.

They will be able to tell a lot on the xray to see if it was a blunt force trauma injury or an rotation injury. With the kind of injury you are describing there should have been bruising at the point of impact the next day. If there was no external bruising to match the injury that will be suspicious.

Looks like you have a road ahead of you. Good luck.
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