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I had a kid last year like this (this is why I don't watch older children anymore) the younger brother blamed my dd for kicking him in the eye while I was outside. Hmmm there was never any mention of this, no crying, nothing. 2 days later mom calls and says that S has a black eye and is saying that A hit her knee in his eye. When i saw it I knew immediately that it wasn't from that. I started questioning the 4 yr old and the brother would interveen right away so I knew something was up. So since he didn't want to tell me what had happened I tried another approach. I asked him what he did at his aunts house, well low and behold, apparently no one was watching them and the aunt built these dirt ramps that the boys (she has 2 boys) could race and ride over, well S fell off his bike and the handle bar hit him in the face, and it was the older brothers fault because he pushed him. I didn't say anything to mom, but I was so mad for my dd, she didn't do anything wrong and she was being accused. I was bitter the rest of the summer, the older brother was a trouble maker here. I hate children who lie, and if your gut is saying she is lying, you need to make her tell the truth. Are there cameras at the center, and what is the younger child saying.
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