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melskids 05:49 AM 01-02-2012
Originally Posted by melissathayer28:
my home is 1300 sq feet. All one level besides two bedrooms upstairs. Yes I have a good enough space for group but not sure just how to set it up. I have three exits. One is in the living room where the toys will be, one is in the family room and the last is in the kitchen. I have two lower level bedrooms I will use for nap time. I heard you can if there on the same floor as you are with monitors. So my kitchen is an eat in and then off the kitchen is my good living space with brand new furniture so im really not willing to use that space. Its more for my family. Then the two bedrooms and a hall way and bathroom then the living room with the dck toys.But I just dont know how to set up:{ Any pic I may see. What part of ny are you in?
I'm in Otsego County, just outside of Cooperstown.

I'm in the process of rearranging so I will take some pics when I get it all done. I do have old pics on my website though....

***hey Michael...we need a sticky for pics of all our set ups so we have them all in one place!!***

If you have a seperate room for your family, I would definetely keep that for just your family.

So the living room would be the main DC area. Are you going to set it up with "centers" or more informally?

I have a block area, dramatic play, writing desk, cozy corner with books, and an infant/toddler area. I put my art and messy stuff, and now all the table toys with small parts out in the dining area to keep it away from the little ones.

Do family members use both bedrooms downstairs? you're going to need all the room you can I'm only family size, and we still tend to spread out all over the house