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Leigh 08:13 AM 01-02-2015
Originally Posted by cara041083:
My dd is one and has a really bad yeast rash. Her doctor said to put athletes foot cream on it. Is there anything at home I could also try? She has it behind her ears and on the creases of her thighs. I am having a hard time with her not rubbing the cream off.
If the cream you're using isn't working, try a different one. Terbinafine works best for my DS. You have several options. Probiotics straight on the rash is another suggestion I recently heard. Resinol cream worked better than anything for a little girl that I have who recently had a terrible rash. I don't know if it has an antifungal in it, but it cleared up her yeast when nothing else, including prescription ointment, did. ONE day of treatment with Resinol, and her 2 month long rash disappeared.