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Originally Posted by Chickenhauler View Post
It's a bit presumptious to say that 730 bed time is too early without knowing what time the child is woken up in the morning.

Some people's days start EARLY-I worked construction for a while, and I had to be on the jobsite at 6 am, which meant rise and stumble around in the dark at 4 am (no shine that early).

Now, if the kid is sleeping until 8 or 9, that's way too long, there should be a nap in there somewhere (or at least, I'd like to get a nap in mid-day).

At 2-1/2, my son, if he took a mid-day nap, would be up and roaring well past midnight, and up and going again at 6 am. I was the same way.

Every kid is different in their sleep requirements.

Thats what I was saying as well in my above post....some of my kiddos arrive at 4am and dont go back to sleep..they need to be in bed by 7. Guess it just depends on the situation.
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