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Default Really Nice Mothers Day Craft

we drew pictures on some ceramic flower pots and filled them with beautiful diamond rocks (Walmart $3 a bag) and natural stone rocks. (I actually got everything at walmart except the flower pots)
Then we used green floral tape to wrap silk flower stems to a pen. (We did 3 per mom)
Then green pipe cleaner and made flowers out of colored tissue paper and glued on to pipe cleaner to fill the pot. So, the moms have very pretty flower pens that are functional and homemade by their kids!

For little kids you can use candy instead if you don't want them "eating" the rocks.
Then we make cards for them, I literally write down anything they say...some cute ones are "I wuv you Mommy cuz you buy me Mc Donald's "

This is an expensive craft but Mothers Day is so important to me!
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