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Originally Posted by skipper View Post
I built a wooden climbing arch which they love.

I got rid of all my plastic a couple years ago....then it gradually crept back in waves. Finally cleared it out for good except for a collection of vintage Fisher Price (garage, houses, castle, etc)

Currently they are ALL obsessed with pipes. Regular old plumbing left over from building our houses. They are various sizes, shapes and width and provide hours of creative play. Plus they're easy to wash which is great.

Unfortunately they are ignoring all my lovely wooden and natural toys..... I probably could have saved a few bucks if I just took them to Home Depot and parked them in the plumbing aisle.......
What a great idea to use pipes! Mine at this age love cardboard boxes of all sized, mixing bowls, measuring cups, kitchen utensils, anything stackable, anything climbable, and toy tools (hammer, saw, especially screwdrivers), they like the play kitchen, but much prefer the food and utensils. They also love cleaning supplies (broom, vacuum, mop, small microfiber cloths that I found on Amazon, an empty spray bottle from Target...they love to "clean".

Yes, a trip to Home Depot with the kids would probably be heaven for them! When I have a repair project, I let them help, if possible. I have had 2 cabinets recently that needed the backs reinforced. We spend nearly 2 hours pounding nails into the cabinets (I started the nails, then gave them the hammer). Even the 18 month olds liked to do it.
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