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Originally Posted by mamadaycare View Post
I love all this feedback! I have a long covered front porch so I love the idea of them taking their shoes off out there! I also added the 48 hours to my sick policy! I am currently revamping my contract, is there anything that you guys think I should add for next year to save myself some hassle? It is 1000x better than my first contract this year. I am just so hesitant to send it out because I always feel like something is missing.
Haha! I hear you there! I feel like I get everything written out and presented to parents and then there is always one that does or says something that tells me I clearly forgot to include something in my policies

I try to put out a "newsletter" every 3 months that reminds parents of rules that are being broken as well as mentioning new things that I may have forgot to include in my policies or things that have simply presented themselves as a problem that weren't before.

Its a nice way to communicate seasonal issues too as it seems every season presents it's own set of issues or concerns.

This profession is constantly changing so don't ever feel like you're doing something wrong if you don't cover everything right away. I've been doing this for almost 30 years now and I am still learning and growing every day.....

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