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Originally Posted by sunlight View Post
Hi guys hope everyone is having a great day!
I just went on to the Little Box website and thought it was cool. Until I tried to place an order for 5 kiddos at 3 days a week. The total charge with shipping was $73.56!

I have been using and will continue to use Early Start Curriculum. It may not be as cute as Funshine Express or Mother Goose Time but it contains pretty much what you need for teaching. I do add some crafts I find on Pinterest a few times per month. If I order for 6 kids it is only $31.95 per month. Shipping included!!
Oh, really?! I feel like I pay a small fortune for MGT. Does Early Start come with all of the materials you need for the day? I don't mind supplying some, but I'm super pregnant and I can't prioritize collecting materials in the foreseeable future.
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