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Default Closing Early Then Reopening?

I announce that I was going to be closing early this Thursday via newsletter and calendar by sign in at the begin of the month. Then I sent a reminder this week.

Also in the newsletter, "REMINDER: The driveway is shared and the neighbor needs to be able to get out and in. Do not park in the driveway or at the end of it with out approval. Thank you"

This was after a day that I was closed and DCD's MIL drove to my house and waited in my neighbors (not my driveway) for the bus, until my DH realized what was going on and corrected her. (She got here early and passed the school on her way)

Anyways, DCD says today that his MIL or he will be picking up DCG on Thursday. Then they will be back after school to get DCB (SA). Wait what?

I am not sure if he thinks that I will be home to get dcb off the bus or he/mil will be sitting in my driveway when I get home with DD. (I have a meeting, then I was going to pick dd up.) I guess I could have opened back up after the meeting and meet the bus my self, I never thought about that. (although, I do not want too, I know selfish right?)

Next week, Halloween, I am closing at 4, again they have known for a while. DCD asked, if I could stay open until the bus arrives on, so he can pick them both up at the same time.

Totally caught off guard but did not agree to anything except I said I will have to let him know what time the bus comes as DH gets the kids off the bus not me.

So help me back out of this one.

DCD, Sorry for the misunderstanding but I will not be reopening on Thursday to get DCB off the bus. I suggest that you or MIL just pick him up from school. It is really easy to do and Your daughter will love being able to pick up brother plus it will most likely make your sons day as well.

Don't forget that Halloween is a mass pick up day at school, most parents grab their child after the class party and most of his classmates will be gone home early. Picking up early on party and field trip days does not count against attendance nor do the miss any educational time.

Oh and the bus arrives about 4:12, just in case you ever want to come and pick up early.


Should I add, Due to state rules and regs or after talking with my insurance company, I am unable to allow you to be on my property outside of business hours. Since the day care will be closed at that time, it is considered outside my business hours. (or something like that)
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