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Default 2020/2021 Tuition Deposit

Hi All,

I’m trying to get a sense check on if I am being reasonable or not.

We had our child signed up to a Montessori preschool last year and then also for 20/21. The home learning was a bit of a disaster and the Director/owner wouldn’t offer any tuition refunds or rebates on either tuition or after school programs when other parents politely enquired. We were fine with this given we wanted to support the school community but have subsequently learnt that the director furloughed the staff from end-March which left us uneasy since they were not paid as was implied to all parents.

We were told in June that whilst plans were still being made for 20/21, she did no:

A) the price would be increasing.
B) the hours of in person school would reduce from 15 to 12 with one of the days being remote.
C) if there were any closures in 20/21 there would be no refunds and it was an all or nothing approach for the year.

We’ve further learnt that she has obtained a PPP loan in June and so this irritates us even further with respects to 20/21 flexibility around tuition refunds if we end up home for 3-4 months again.

We have decided not to send our child since it looks very different to what we signed up for.

She has to reduce her class size from 28 to 20 students.

Given the schedule of payments we had paid a “non-refundable Tuition deposit” $1,000 and the a further ~$3,500 tuition.

She is refunding the $3,500 but saying that the deposit is non-refundable.

Given that the conditions of the service contract - namely the price, and service/hours being provided have changed are we able to get the $1,000 back?

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