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Originally Posted by mrjones View Post
Thanks Michael,

I really appreciate you taking the time to look at this.

I wasnít sure if I was reading this correctly but my thoughts would of been that if we were simply pulling our kid in a normal year I would completely agree.

I just thought it might be different in this situation given the Director is changing the terms of the original contract:

- price is increasing ($14k vs $11k).
- hours stipulated in contract are changing Mon-Thurs 9-12 rather than Mon-Fri 9-12.
- no services have been provided since it starts in September.

Isnít this a contract modification/amendment?

Weíre not looking to make money out of this but simply to be put back into the position we were in prior to the contract breach (e.g get the deposit back).

There is also the point that the school has to reduce the size of the class from 28 to 20 students. So there are a number of other parents in a similar situation who simply want to be made whole after the Director has changed the terms of the contract without our consent.

This is not my specialist subject and so Iíd love to see if you or any others read the situation.

Thanks again!
So you want to be back in same position you started in but arenít seeing that itís not possible for the school to do the same? The school CANNOT go back to 28 students and is forced to reduce class size (reduced income).

This pandemic is financially hard for everyone... Iíd say a bit of compromise is warranted... you were able to get a refund for the $3500.

Iíd say youíre luckier than a lot of others on BOTH sides of this. So many child care programs have been financially obliterated during this pandemic.

I guarantee in years to come there will be major struggles to find quality care at all.
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