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1. I can guarantee you that your preschool lost money, even with families that still paid last Spring, hence why they likely had to lay off employees.

2. The PPP has perimeters for the applicants. IF they get forgiveness (and there's still LOTS of uncertainly around that), there are specific things we need to spend that money on or it won't be forgiven. So essentially... a loan. A loan we pay back with interest. Any grants also affect how much can be forgiven and will be taken out of the forgiveness portion.

3. The reason business state "no refunds" on those deposits is because usually, that money is already spent and allocated the moment you enroll.

4. Every business is doing what they can to survive this pandemic. A lot of us are dropping like flies because just as YOUR overhead has changed (groceries/supplies, utilities, insurance) has gone up over the past few months... ours have doubled with cleaning requirements and supply shortages (and price gouging). Your school likely is REQUIRED to minimize the amount of students in a classroom as well as amp up their sanitizing schedule daily. So that smaller classroom size and larger rate is likely because of this.
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