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Originally Posted by misol View Post
I don't think that ONE sleeping position is best for ALL babies. As was said in an earlier post, every child is different in some way. Since the regs in my state (VA) do not specifically prohibit sleeping in swings, my daycare baby sleeps in a swing at the mother's request. Most of the current literature regarding sleeping positions seems to be more about SIDS than about blocked airways. I just checked and there is also nothing in our regs that state that you MUST put sleeping infants on their backs either. I have this written in my own policies, but it is not in our minimum standards. I always put daycare infants to sleep on their backs but when my own two children were infants I regularly put them to sleep on their stomachs (or in a swing). It was their preferred method of sleeping so that's how I let them sleep. That was how my mother let me sleep, and that was how my grandmother let her sleep. Whatever works best for the individual baby and their family.
The risk is your risk to take. As the sole provider of care for the child at that time the decision to allow a "preferred method of sleeping" is something only you can make absent any regulations telling you otherwise.

I don't do what the children want. I do what they need. I also have to consider my livlihood and the future of my family. I wouldn't knowingly do something that would put a child at risk especially when there is a very simple viable option that is endorsed by solid research and the American Academy of Pediatrics. That option is to put them to bed on their backs on a firm bottom without ANYTHING in the bed with them.

I put kids to bed completely wide awake every single day. Day after day after day..... month after month.. year after year. They go to sleep and sleep like little lambs. I can't understand the NEED for swings to lull babies to sleep. It takes such a small amount of time to get them used to motionless, wide awake.. put themselves to sleep sleep.

I've had a number of babies who are "swing and motion" addicted when they come to me but a good solid routine with a ton of exercise and activity quickly changes their need to be put to sleep. Tucker them out... fill their bellies before nap... give em time to poop... and then put them to bed wide awake in a darkened room. Magic formula that works thru the years.

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