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Originally Posted by nannyde View Post
No babies should not sleep in a swing. Small babies don't have the strength to hold their heads straight, even when sitting in a reclined position, making it easy for their airways to be blocked. The risk of baby's head falling forward in a way that would affect breathing is one reason why it's important to be sure that the baby is never left unattended in a swing.
That makes sense. Thanks.

Originally Posted by mac60 View Post
And a parent does have and should have the right to say how their baby can and can't sleep, or has the government taken that right of parenting away too.
Regulations like this are in place for two reasons-to protect you the provider (criminal and civilly), and to protect the child....both from people who don't know any better.

Stop and think about this-just because someone squeezes out a kid, does that make them an expert on anatomy, development of anatomy, and biology?

SIDS has been studied by people with WAY more education, time, and expertise in these fields than you, I and the parents combined. They have determined, through years of study, data, and research that certain things increase the risk factors.

If you feel it's OK to ignore the law and put your freedom (ever done time for negligent manslaughter?) and life's savings on the line, feel free to do so.

Were it me, if a parent asked me to go against the law of the land for their child, I'd require a doctors written note to back it up and a signed release by the parent.

It's about limiting liability.
Spouse of a daycare provider....which I guess makes me one too!
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