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Default Closing Early...Let the Games BEGIN!

We usually close for Thanksgiving & the day after. Our local bank pulled some shenanigans last year by closing early & shutting everything down for maintenance for the ENTIRE weekend (including the ATM), so we closed a little early that Wednesday to catch the bank.

This year, we're going to go ahead and close again for a 1/2 day on the Wednesday before. It's the holiday, plus I need to see a surgeon for a second opinion on something. I gave everyone 3 weeks notice about the early closing, plus some random updates.

Of course a select few have started with the passive aggressive comments & the reiteration that we're closing early. YUP....closing early for the holiday! Not going on a 2 week vacation to Florida like you just did, but closing 4 hours early to do our banking & see my surgeon. So the first one in the door & the last one to leave says, "Since you're closing eeeeearly, we're going to keep DCK home & my husband's going to take the day off." GREAT! DCK gets to spend the day with dear old dad! Let me know at what point I should feel bad.

I also thanked parents for resigning my Sick policy & being cooperative about keeping the kids home when they are ill. Because we mentioned coughing, covering & not jumping to conclusions, we have one parent who has come in every morning with an un-covered, FAKE cough every day since the update. REALLY???

I think people forget that we have lives, jobs, kids, bills, sickness & outside responsibilities just like they do. I can't wait to see what games today brings. I am SO ready!
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