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Default Toddlers 18 mons - 3 yrs

I recently started working as a Daycare Teacher for Toddlers ages 18 months to 3 years ( once they turn 3, they are moved to the next class level ). There are 3 teachers total, One who works mornings ( 8am - 1pm ), and myself and the other lead teacher who both work 9:30am - 6:30pm. Our class has a total of 17 kids. We have approximately 14 kids that show daily.

I have been reading curriculum ideas for this age level with little success as most suggestions seem to involve only a few toddlers, where as I must divide my attention among a much larger group. Is there anyone else who is in a similar situation that has found a working curriculum for them? Or simply a semi organized routine that works well with such a large group of little ones.

The daycare gives us themes for each week of a month, and we are required to base our lesson plans from them. We are required to include art, dramatic play, sensory play, science/math, and group time. Nothing has to be in that order of course. But as you can see, the Director is expecting a lot out of this class and I am at a loss when trying to find lesson plan ideas that fit this age level while working with a large group.

Any help, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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