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Default More New DCK ???'S Advice Needed Please

I posted earlier about dck, and have a few more questions. (It is her first day, and she is 13 months old).

Whenever I leave the room, (to grab a diaper, get another baby out of bed, etc), she cries. I just got my 5 month old out of bed and brought him down (I was gone 30 seconds total, and talked to her as i was walking away and back). She cried, and then wanted held when I got back, and would not stop crying. I didnt pick her up bc I had to attend to my 5 month old, and I had to nurse my baby, but he started crying because her screaming was bothering him.

She was due for nap in 15 minutes anyway, so I just laid her in the pack and play for nap #2, and she is still crying and screaming. I have gone in and rubbed her head and told her it is naptime, and left, and will go in again in 10 minutes if shes still up.

Here are my questions:

1. How do you deal with separation anxiety with new dcks?

2. How do you handle a dck's screaming, affecting your own baby? (Shes new, so I know there will be an adjustment period). He didnt want to eat bc she was crying.

3. Is CIO with 5, 10, 15 minute intervals appropriate for a 13 month old? The mom told me that she can never get her to nap at their house, but that the old sitter could get her to nap for a few hours each day.

4. Things will get easier, right????
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