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I'll give it a shot

4 weeks ago I started a 14 month old and then a week later another 14 month old . The first few days with them were ok, but then the fit hit the shan. They would both stand at the baby gate from the daycare room and cry/scream bloody murder while I cooked/cleaned in the two adjoining rooms. They could see me the entire time.

1. If I was in another room I would just talk to them sweetly while I was doing whatever it was I was doing. They were also getting to the point where they wanted to climb on me constantly. I would just say "oh yes, I'd love a hug!", give them a quick squeeze, turn them around, and then say "thank you so much!". Eventually they were pretty satisfied with just the hugs. They are also to the point now where they will come to the baby gate every once in awhile and fuss for about a second and then turn around and go play. Thankfully, my two figured it out pretty quickly, but it did take about a full week before they started catching on.

2. Sorry, I don't have experience with this one, but I'm getting ready to take on a 2 month old towards the end of July and would love to hear what the others have to say.

3. As far as nap time goes, my two were a wreck, also. Today they fell asleep for the first time within 15 minutes of laying down in their PNP's. And their PNP's are only 2 feet apart, so to me this is major improvement! . I'm not really sure how we figured this one out, though... I just lay them both in their PNP's at the same time and DCG talks to herself for awhile... and DCB slowly sinks down until he's asleep. IDK how I did it, TBH Probably had nothing to do with me

4. YES!!!

Good luck! The advice I received from this forum is what saved my sanity
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