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What are the consequences from operating an UNLICENSED daycare in IL? Is there a fine to pay? I am unlicensed and have run a home daycare for 3 1/2 years now. ALL the parents that I babysit for KNOW that I am unlicensed, it isn't something that I hide. And I claim ALL OF MY INCOME! I give them my SSN at the end of the year with a total of daycare paid. Everything is completely safe but I'm just not licensed. The process is going to require me to take time off AND find a daycare to put my own children in. I'm worried about being turned in for NOT being licensed.

I hate to put the parents out when they DON'T CARE if I'm licensed or not. They are going to have to make other arrangements while I take these classes.
There are MANY ONLINE courses that can be taken to meet the guide lines for state of IL I know if you are turned in for operating unlicensed daycare in IL you will be shut down and parents will have no choice but to find alternate care. There is very little cost to getting licensed ( CPR class Maybe ?? but most can be found for free at fire stations etc ) outlet covers, baby gates, fire extinguisher, smoke detectors, basic safety items really. As a licensed provider I feel if your not hiding anything and are dong everything right then why not be licensed What is the upside to be unlicensed ??
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