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This topic really has me going...

I am an unlicensed care provider. I am "allowed" by our state to care for 6 or less children without being required to obtain a license. I have 6 children in my care. They are not all here at the same time so I don't feel that I am in a position to be overwhelmed or taking on too much.

I do believe that licensed or unlicensed should not be an issue between providers. I do however believe that it SHOULD be an issue for parents. I want to share a little story...

I received a phone call from a couple looking for childcare for their 16 mo old daughter. They were conducting multiple interviews with providers and wanted to set up a time to come over. The mom said that she had many questions but wanted to discuss them in person. That I understand as I wouldnt want to waste my time asking questions to find that the person lives in a dump. Anyway... mom and dad and baby arrived at my house. First question they ask is if I was state certified. I said that I was not. She said that was very important to them. However they allowed the interview to continue. They took a tour of my home... not just the daycare portion. They met my husband and children. I gave them a copy of my handbook with references and they left saying they would let me know either way. I didn't expect to see them again.

They called me back a week later and said that if I still had a spot they would like to enroll their daughter. I said I still had a position and they started her the next Monday. Out of curiosity on her first day I asked her parents why they had chosen me over the other providers. Her father said they had interviewed about 15 providers licensed and otherwise and were most satisfied with my home. They said it was cleaner then most of the other places and and our family was very inviting and they felt comfortable and "at home". Licensing became a moot point for them.

Long story short Parents take their kids where they are most comfortable and where they feel that their kids will get the best care.

** One other point... someone said that licensed facilities receive more complaints and have more reported incidents of abuse, neglect blah blah blah than unlicensed facilities... this is true only because you can not report what you are not aware of and since they are unlicensed there is no way to accurately make an estimate**

Anyway.. enough of my rant.
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