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GBCC- There is no policy about seeing parent or ensuring child even gets into the house. They just open the doors, let the child out and drive away. If they had this policy it might improve things somewhat. Like I said we live in a rural area. I did ask the SI today about that. Child gets off the bus, walks around to the back of the house (where the main door is located) to find door locked, bus is long gone, then what?? No answer, just that parents need to be held accountable. GRRRRR!!!

My next step is to communicate with the school board, and take it from there. Of course a side step is to make it VERY clear to the parents that I cannot tolerate inattentiveness. If the school messes up I will not (obviously) hold that against the parent.

AfterSchoolMom- The school will accept a phone call from the parent as opposed to a note, but some of my parents don't have easy access to a phone during the day. For example I have one that's a prison guard. But I LOVE the idea of charging parents a fee for not notifying me of changes to their schedule. That might help some of them to remember me.

I'd love to be able to pick the children up at school and alleviate any headache, but it's just not possible for several reasons. The biggest being vehicle capacity. Depending on which one I take it either seats 5 or 6 (including the driver). On a slow day it could work, but not most days. On most Mondays for example I have 2 preschoolers, 2 kindergartners, 1 1st grader, then usually 2-3 in the infant/toddler department. Oh, and then there's my 8th grader an myself. I suppose I could send the one preschooler (my son) home on the bus with her, but that's still potentially 7 children and me as a driver. Our school is pre-k thru 12th grade, and the bus serves all of those ages.
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