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Originally Posted by saved4always View Post
Yep, I totally agree with you! Until this month, I did unliscensed childcare in my home. I would like to add to what you have said just for clarification to those who, like "unregistered" to whom rhonda responded, keep insisting on confusing the terms. Unliscensed does NOT mean ILLEGAL! For Ohio, where I live, a LEGALLY UNLISCENSED provider can care for no more than 6 children ages 6 and under. Of those 6 children, only three of them can be under 2 years old. I had no desire to watch more children than 6 (actually, I preferred 3 or 4 ) so I did not feel the need to become liscensed. I had no problem filling my spots and my kids and their families loved me.
There is NOTHING wrong with Legally ran Un-licensed In Home Child Care. To be honest with you I know of Licensed Day Cares that have more children that they are even suppose to. Just because you have a license does not mean that you provide better care.
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