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First of all, get yourself a's THEIR not THERE. Further, unlicensed daycare cast a pall upon all the good care providers out there that follow the law. What's wrong with the world is people like you that think only certain laws and statutes are important. Operating an unlicensed day care is the equivalent of operating a restaurant without the proper safety and cleanliness guidelines. If the woman wants to "make her money" then let her comply with the same statutes and laws that licensed day care facilities must abide by.
Actually that is not a fair statement at all! I ran an unlicensed daycare for several years when I was a stay at home mom. Doing it this way allowed me to provide a VERY discounted rate to the parents of my daycare kids without some of the hassle and complications of being registered. In my daycare I followed all laws and regulations, fed healthy meals, and spent a great deal of time doing fun projects and small trips and things for the kids! In the several years since I quit doing that, I have had several of 'my parents' come and tell me how much their children miss my daycare or don't enjoy their new ones. Not to mention how much the parents miss my prices! It allowed me to charge a miniscule rate (usually $2 for first child and $1 for additional children) that allowed me some extra money while still home with my kids, but didn't KILL the parent's pocketbook! I would also like to mention that it is NOT the same thing as running a restaurant without proper cleanliness or safety, because that is ILLEGAL and it is NOT illegal to run an unregistered daycare! And I've known of several 'unlicensed' daycare providers that do a better job than some licensed ones!
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