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Default It's About The Kids

From what I have read you all are rite. What some of you are missing is that it is about the kids at the day care. Are you really seeing abuse or are you just ticked off at the "care" provider.
We have an day care next to us in our subdivision, Unlicensed, police record, pool without a locked gate (or any gate for that matter), 12-15 kids at one time, screaming and yelling at the kids all day long, the list goes on and on. But what can we do about it? We have made several calls, yet CPS is so back logged they have yet to do anything about it. We worry our selves sick about the kids over there, wondering when we are going to find one face down in the pool.
To all of you that say mind your own business, I can't. To those who are throwing accusations around, please be careful. And to all of us, remember what is most important, the wellbeing of our children.
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